Varied Areas of Practice

Plaintiff Personal Injury

The has tremendous experience in representing individuals injured as a result of someone else's negligence.  This representation includes premises liability, wrongful death and automobile collisions, among others.  We invite you to checkout our "Verdicts & Settlement" section to get a real feel for what we do.

Defending Claims

We defend clients in all types of litigation.  We work closely with the client to ensure maximum protection against all types of claims--negligent and intentional torts.  We represent a number of national retailers in defending actions based upon false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and general negligence. 

Business Representation

Witzel, Kanzler & Dimmitt can help you from the initial business formulation through the life of the company to the winding up of affairs.   We have represented numerous hotel owners and other small businesses with all types of acquisitions and negotiations.

Estate Planning

There comes a time when everyone needs a Will.  However, it's never that easy.  We can help you in deciding what tools are necessary to best meet your goals.  Additionally we have successfully represented parties in the unfortunate family disputes that sometimes arise.


We don't limit ourselves to simply plaintiff "PI" claims or defending companies in negligence suits.  We handle all types of litigation, be it home construction, warranty or breach of fiduciary duty in small corporations.