Bungee Jumping Injury

St. Louis City Circuit Court

MH had wanted to bungee jump for a number of years.  When the V.P.Fair offered it during its annual 4th of July celebration, MH thought that was the perfect opportunity.  After riding to in a basket up to 170 feet over an airbag, the operator told MH to jump.  Unfortunately the operator (Northstar Entertainment) failed to check the bungee cord.  The prior evening they disassembled the apparatus but failed to follow its own protocol the following day.  The result was the cord had not been reattached to the crane, resulting in MH free falling 170 feet into the air bag.  MH somehow survived but did suffer serious injuries.  Witzel and Dimmitt tried this to a successful result with the jury awarding MH $5,000,000.  The case was appealed and Witzel and Dimmitt successfully held the verdict in front of the Missouri Supreme Court.